European Management Solutions Germany GmbH


European Management Solutions (EMS) has been providing recruitment and consulting services to the international development sector since 2005. Having staffed hundreds of projects over the years, it has grown into providing back-stopping and full project management services. Project staffed cover over 100 countries and territories, in sectors from water and sanitation to health, from education to nuclear safety. 

Recognizing the growing demand for delivering technical assistance and consulting in the sector of good governance, justice and anti-corruption and acknowledging the very specific needs with regard to design, implementation and management of TA projects the senior partners of EMS decided to merge  EMS with Schmidt & Mahnke Consulting Solutions GmbH (S&M) and have established an own legal entity for any kind of involvement in technical assistance design and delivery. The name of the new created company is  European Management Solutions Germany GmbH.  Following this step, we are now able to sharpen the profile of all different kinds of operations and to expand consulting solutions without compromising the quality of services delivered. Since 2015 Schmidt & Mahnke Consulting Solutions took over all kind of actions in the area technical assistance delivery and especially of designing, implementing, steering, evaluating and monitoring actions in this area.